Make your home stand out with Superior Real Estate photography.

In a buyers market like Nova Scotia, you need to make sure that your property is not let down by awful real estate photography . Simple, clean, bright and well illustrated with a fast turnaround Real Estate Photography is what I can offer you.

  • Sharp, properly exposed, high resolution images
  • Wide angle to properly illustrate smaller spaces 
  • Professional processing
  • Digital Delivery with master files
  • Full release and buyout. No copyright retention.
  • Prices from $185.00 all included.

Real Estate Photographer, Porters Lake
Winter is a great time to capture stunning photos of your property.

Real Estate Photography, Nova Scotia
An ideal shot to convey the lifestyle. Decks, porches and great mood lighting often gets missed in Real Estate Photography

Simple. Clean. Bright. I asked the owners to please remove as much clutter as possible.
Your property should convey a relatively blank canvas for prospective buyers.

again, simple clean and bright.
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