Blu Energy x2 Android Phone Review

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Blu Energy x2
About two weeks ago my beloved Google Nexus 5X decided to die on me. I wasn't happy. I had the phone only a year and a half, spent over $500CAD from the Google Store to buy it and seriously loved the camera on it more than anything else.

I'm not in love with the idea of buying a new phone every year or so, especially since the replacement for the Nexus 5x, the Pixel starts at $900!!!

No thanks.

I briefly flirted with the idea of getting a phone from my Canadian carrier, but the sums didn't add up. The monthly cost was going to be way too high.

So, I chose a different tack and decided to give my money to the little guy. I did some research and discovered a plethora of different mobile phone companies who make their equipment in all the same Chinese factories as the big guys, except they charge a fraction of the price.

I finally decided on the Blu Energy x2, made by a U.S company called Blu, based in Florida.

They have a range of different phones but I settled on the Blu Energy x2 due to the amazing battery and repectable specifications, all for $140.00CAD from

It's definitely lower powered than my Nexus 5x and it has less space, but for the price? absolutely amazing. The huge trade off being the 4000mAh battery which lasts for days. This more than makes up for the lack of speed and slight lag.

The camera is OK. Not brilliant, but OK. 8mp with flash, the HDR feature is not great. but check out the example shots below, again for the price, pretty darn good.

If you are fed up spending cash on the flagship phones from the big companies, I'd seriously consider going this route and grabbing a Blu phone.

Blu Energy x2 Camera example

Blu Energy x2 Camera Sample