CCTV Motion Detection and False Alarms

It's been getting warmer and although it might not always be raining, it's very humid and the motion detector on my camera has been going crazy picking up all the moisture in the air (See below)

Example of False Motion detection due to moisture being illuminated by the infrared emitters on an W2 Wansview IP camera

Although there's no way to completely remove these false alarms, tweaking your motion detection settings can significantly reduce them. I have set the sensitivity to very low and drew a line across the driveway where I want to capture motion anyway. This has helped, but I do still get a lot of false alarms.

In my research, it seems that getting a separate IR illuminator and mounting it away from the camera is a good idea so that the raindrops are not visible directly in front of the lens.

In addition, an outdoor camera with a PIR sensor built in is also a good option. I will be looking at buying one of these very soon.

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