Foscam FI9803P V2 Review

Foscam Outdoor IP Camera

I have been using the Foscam FI9803P camera since November 2015 to monitor my driveway.

In a single sentence, this is by far the most reliable IP security camera I own.

I have had my ups and downs with Foscam ever since I bought my first camera from them approximately 10 years ago, but overall I have come to appreciate their reliability.

This particular camera I have setup using on board motion detection which transmits snapshots via FTP to a local laptop, which in turn them uploads those shots to the cloud.

This method ensures that if anyone broke into my house and stole my laptop, too late. The images are already online.

I am writing this review because I have another one of these cameras currently sitting in my Amazon shopping cart. The reason why is because another camera I just purchased, a Wansview W2 1080p camera has been a bit of a let down. With IP cameras, probably the most important part is the reliability and consistency of it's Wi-Fi signal. The Wansview camera keeps dropping out, this Foscam has been running for 19 months with no issues. During that time it has survived 2 Canadian winters.

The nightvision is very good, but again due to the 720p resolution, images can be a little on the soft side.

Right now, this is the go-to outdoor IP camera as far as I'm concerned. Sadly the image is only 720p, but I'll take a solid 720p camera over an unreliable 1080p camera for my security needs.

See below for some examples from my driveway camera in winter, summer and with nightvision.

Foscam FI9803p with Nightvision,Winter

Foscam FI9803p daytime, Summer

Foscam FI9803p daytime, Winter