Slow PC?

Windows based PC's have a bad name, often you'll hear people who want to throw in the towel with their slow, buggy PC and just buy a Mac instead. I get that frustration.

Why does this happen? Your PC was perfectly fast when it was new, why is it so slow now? There's a variety of reasons why this happens, as I'll outline below.

Over time, your PC has accumulated a variety of files that are taking up space. I'm not talking about videos, photos or word documents. I'm talking about files left behind by software, websites, usb sticks a more. Your PC is like your garage, once it's full of junk, it can be quite frustrating to use it.

Someone shared something on Facebook, which took you to a dodgy site and you got Malware! Your Facebook friend didn't mean to do that, they just don't know any better. Malware removal is relatively easy, but the best method is prevention through education. Avoiding clickbait articles, suspicious download sites and most certainly suspicious email attachments are paramount to avoiding malware

Bloatware is all that software that came with your shiny new PC. That piece of redundant WiFi software from Dell even though Windows already has it's own. Or that Power Saving software that actually just uses more battery. In my opinion, getting rid of Bloatware is Priority Number ONE when getting a new computer. Why double up on things that Windows already provides?

This one might seem counter-intuitive, but do you really need that anti-virus program? AV programs are notorious for slowing down your PC and the chances are it rarely catches anything anyway. Besides, today's threats are not really from viruses, they are from Malware, Ransomware and other kids of 'ware.

Start-up Programs
Probably one of the worst offenders right here. Everytime you load some new software onto your PC, it tries to get your attention. How often do you Skype? Once a week? Well that Skype program is loading EVERY SINGLE TIME you turn on your PC, regardless if you plan on using it. It's inefficient and we call it a 'resource hog'. Reducing those automatic start up programs will make a huge difference in speed and responsiveness of your slow PC.

Oh, and the reason why MAC's are faster? They're not. They just don't get targeted with all the junk that PC's do because they make up such a small % of the market....
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