Wansview W2 Outdoor IP Camera Review (Updated)

Wansview W2 1080p Outdoor IP Camera
Wansview W2 1080p Outdoor IP Camera
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Well its been approximately a week since I hooked up my new Wansview W2 1080p Outdoor IP
camera and I am not happy.

Image quality is excellent (for the price $90CAD) and the interface is pretty decent.

Now for the bad stuff.

FTP transfers are painfully slow. Where my Foscam transfers data and motion detected snapshots within 1-2 seconds, this Wanscam will take approx 10 seconds just to establish a FTP link, then it'll take another 10-15 seconds to transfer snapshots. While the camera is busy doing this, it is missing all the action! So where a good IP camera running over IP will take several snapshots for detected movement, you are lucky if the Wanscam takes 1-2 usable shots.

But the main gripe? The camera keeps dropping the wifi connection. During the week that I have owned this camera, I have had to physically reset it 4 times and reset it via software another 5-6 times just in order to get it to stay online. There's no interference, the WiFi signal is strong, I've even dropped the frame rate to a pathetic 5FPS and lowered the data rate to as low as 256KBPS, this has improved it's stability somewhat, but not enough.

Unfortunately, this camera will likely be getting returned, which is a shame because it's nightvision and daytime shots are really very good (when it works).

3/10 for the Wanscam W2.

Wansview W2 Nightvision
Wansview W2 Daytime (I probably had the contrast a little high)

So after a few more months, the WiFi is stable now. I can't recall the last time is disconnected. So either it was a bug that worked itself out over time or the firmware upgrade fixed it.