Blu Energy X2 Smartphone, Two Months Later Review

This is a short, two months later review on the Blu Energy X2 Smartphone which replaced my Google Nexus 5x.

What can I say. For the price, the phone still does the job. It takes a pretty decent photo, see samples below. (Please note that these are unprocessed and this website does shrink them a little, but you'll get the idea)

Blu Energy x2 Sample Photo
Halifax Harbour. Blu Energy x2 Sample Photo

Blu Energy x2 Sample Photo
Apple Tree, Blu Energy x2 Sample Photo

Having used the Google Nexus 5, then the 5x, this phone was a significant step backwards in terms of processing power and camera quality, but the price tag $140 Canadian Dollars, was too good to resist. Honestly, I still like it, but I made one fundamental mistake when buying it.


I should have known better, despite being able to add a micro SD card, (which I did), it actually doesn't help, because the internal storage is where all the apps and system requires it's space to be. 8gb on this phone is simply not enough.

If you look at the screenshot on the right, you'll see what I have left. Sd card storage (blue) is fine, but the RAM storage is the important bit (green) I have less than 200mb to deal with at all times and this is without even having Facebook, Twitter or any other apps on the phone. I only have all the basic Google Apps, Gmail, Maps, Weather, Chrome, Play Store, Photos, Device Finder, YouTube and then my own apps, TinyCam Monitor Pro, that's it.

I means that if I want to go on Facebook or Twitter, I have to use the browser, which in a way has been pretty good for me since I've been trying to detach from Social Media lately.

Battery Life is still absolutely amazing!

Seriously, I can go almost 4 days with this thing without charging, it's great. Then again, due to the fact that it is significantly under-powered, this might also be a reason why. Although the battery is huge (4000MaH) and the phone is quite heavy.

So, as a phone, it's ok. For the price, it's great. If you are looking for a way to detach from social media but still have a smartphone, this might be the one for you. I'm keeping it for a while, but I think I probably should have spent just another $100 on the next one up, which I might just do quite soon, then I'll write another review letting you know how I get on!