CCTV Cameras for Snowbirds (Monitor your home when you are away)

Heading south for the Winter?

As long as you retain an active Internet connection at your property, you can keep watch on your place remotely using an IP camera. I have 6 cameras of various kinds operating on my house in Porters Lake and they are awesome.

These cameras give you the option to monitor your property from afar, over the web.
There's very cheap reliable cameras, there's expensive cameras and everything in between.

Setup the camera on your wifi (or wired), connect to the web (securely), put the app on your phone or tablet and watch your property live and confident from the beach in Florida that everything is fine.

It doesn't even need to be very complicated, one trick I always did when I left my house in NZ to go overseas for a month or so, was to leave my little camera in the living room pointed at the TV. I figured if anyone breaks into my property while I'm away, the first thing that is going to be taken is the TV right? so I'd periodically check on my phone to see if the TV was still there and I'd immediately know that everything was just fine.

If you are interested in getting one or need a hand setting one up. Please get in touch and I'll help you out!

As you probably already know I'm based in Porters Lake and don't mind driving a little while to come see you.

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