RIP Foscam FI9803p, You did a good job.

I thought we came through the recent #NSStorm storm unscathed, our roof was intact, the siding looked good even our wheelie bin stayed put.

However, my trust Foscam outdoor FI9803p seemed to succumb to the elements.

I'm not sure if it was the big freeze or the rain/wind from the storm itself, but I can't get it working again.

Still, with every camera I gain more knowledge about their capacities. This one went strong for over 2 years and cost $89.95 (CAD) which is not too bad I think for over 2 years of service.

This camera is rated to operate in tempteratures of -20c. But I think the Nova Scotia windchill has been pushing that a little in recent weeks.

Anyway, no matter. I hope to get a replacement soon and I will update this site with whatever I get next!